“Vedi cosa bevi, bevi cosa vedi”
Cantina F.lli Zeni 1870 – Sunday 31st May 10:00 am – 06:00 pm

The 2015 theme of “Cantine Aperte”, the top event for the Hospitality department, is dedicated to the outspokenness and the frankness of a wine glass.
Cantina F.lli Zeni 1870 will show to the visitors the wine production throughguided tours, in order to better enjoy and understand the tradition and the innovation of our wine cellar.
In the beautiful set of the fresco-decorated “Bottaia” room, guests can tastefour wines of our production matching with food samples pairing for the perfect combination food-wine.
People who like to taste other wines of Zeni production can continue the tasting in the Selling Point close to the Wine Museum that Sunday 31stMay will be open with non-stop hours: 09:00 am – 07:00 pm.


10:30 Italian
11:30 English
12:30 German


14:00 English
15:00 German
16:00 Italian

Entry fee includes a wine glass in a shoulder bag, tasting of four wines in the “Bottaia” room with food pairing and the possibility to participate to the tours.

€ 5.00 per person
Child under 12 years free entrance