Evidence of a long tradition of vinegrowing has been found in the area of Soave where the homonymous wine has built its reputation as a premium product far back in the ancient times.

The area dedicated to the production of Soave lies to the east of the province of Verona. The land surrounding the vineyards is rich in artistic beauties and historical buildings, the most important of which being the Castle of Soave, still today one of the most interesting and best preserved examples of Medieval military architecture.

The soil is made up of tuff of volcanic origins with important calcareous components that give the Garganega grapes floral and equilibrated flavours with a strong minerality.

The strong identity of the wine produced in the Soave area is strictly dependent on the volcanic origin of its soil, mainly made up of tovo, a special kind of tuff. This geological feature distinguishes it from the soil of the other ancient vinegrowing districts of Bardolino and Valpolicella.

From the climatic point of view, the whole area of Soave benefits from mild temperatures with cool summers and not too harsh winters.