150th Anniversary and Storybook

Zeni1870 celebrates 150 years since its foundation


An act of pure love for a land with a wealth of history and traditions. A constant striving for a balance between glorious memories of a past that will endure forever and a future aiming at research and innovation. We, Zeni1870, a historic Bardolino winery that this year celebrates 150 years since its foundation, are all this and much more. An important anniversary that encompasses five generations and which inevitably becomes a family story.


Zeni1870, from the terroir of Lake Garda to that of Valpolicella, today is an ambassador for Made in Italy throughout the world, telling stories of excellence with our wines in more than 40 countries.


Getting to know us, visiting our winery, tasting our wines that range from Bardolino to Lugana, from Amarone della Valpolicella to Soave, means immersing yourself in that beautiful Italy that was able to transform fatigue and sacrifice into aspirations for a better, rich and generous future. This gratitude towards life, towards the land and towards man today still permeates the entrepreneurial instincts of our family: siblings Fausto, Elena and Federica together with mother Mariarosa.


150 years. A story of Wine, passion and elegance” becomes the perfect claim which, over time, will accompany celebrations of our important anniversary: passion and elegance, in fact, are constants throughout the story of our winery which, over many decades, has excelled in the quality of its products and in the value of its hospitality. The wines from the Vigne Alte Selection, which were born in the 80s, reflect our first searches for high quality. Our Marogne selections are expressions of careful and skillful winemaking. Our noble IGT Cruino and Costalago and our Amaroni della Valpolicella are triumphs from a land that has forever been devoted to vine-growing and winemaking. These are a few of our important wines, testified to by our Wine Museum, created by our father Nino Zeni and inaugurated in the early 90s, and by our Olfactory Gallery, the only one in Italy dedicated exclusively to wine, designed by Elena and opened to the public in 2017.


Only those who know their past are able to understand the future that awaits them.


The original values embraced by the Cantina Fratelli Zeni in 1870, such as local roots, a passion for experimentation, a head for sales, elegance and courtesy, are still pursued today with the utmost enthusiasm and commitment. The art of winemaking, handed down from generation to generation, is still the cornerstone for a family tradition that has lasted 150 years.


A family that celebrates the past, reinvents the present and looks to the future.