The Temple of Bacchus

Entering the barrique cellar, the visitor is welcomed by a splendid hall decorated with frescoes, before admiring the barriques and wooden casks where the wine is ageing. The hall is called temple of Bacchus, as the paintings between the cross and barrel vaults and on the walls tell the allegory of Bacchus. The hall is decorated in the classical and neoclassical style and shows figures and situations and painted architectures which could give the optical impression of modulations, fake frames and niches. The hall is dominated by a representation of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, inspired by
a sculpture of Michelangelo and a representation of the Zeni family tree, whose realization was inspired by a decorative painting by Leonardo, displayed at Castello Sfozesco in Milan. These rooms radiate with a magical atmosphere and surrounded by frescoes of myths and legends, decorations and beaten gold the visitor becomes a part of the maturation that the wine performs in this marvelous place. As the wine becomes richer in flavours and balance during the ageing process, the visitor becomes richer in impressions, sensations and emotions in this temple of Bacchus.