Winery in Bardolino: Production area – modernization and sustainability

The production area of the Zeni Winery has undergone a radical reconstruction in recent years in terms of both building extensions and further improved technological development. The use of state of the art technologies (temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, soft pressing of the grapes, cold skin contact for the white wines…) has, in fact, been proven to further enhance the high quality of the grapes grown in our vineyards.
Moreover, the use of tailor made technology significantly contributes in reducing the consumption of oenological products (such as sulphur dioxide) and in adapting its use according to the level of ripeness of the grapes. In the last ten years our winery has invested considerable financial resources into both permanently renewing and improving the bottling line and in the realization of an underground barrique cellar that extends on an area of 1400 square meters and houses barrels, tonneaux and barriques used for ageing our structured Veronese red wines. The choice of an underground structure meets the need of minimizing sudden changes of temperature.
Further resources have been assigned to completing the construction of the new tailor made area for the raising of the grapes of our Costalago and Cruino wines and of the new warehouse for storing the end products, especially dedicated to the storage of wines that require further bottle aging before going to the market.
Both warehouse and barrique cellar are equipped with a brand new air conditioning system providing constant automatic temperature control to ensure ideal conditions for optimal wine storage.
Our winery is committed every day to environmental sustainability in the wine cellar as well as in the vineyard. From the substitution of chemicals in the vineyard by copper and sulfur to the targeted use of technology to reduce the use of enological products in the wine cellar, such as sulphur dioxide.