The Zeni Family


The success of our winery and the quality of our wines is based on a strong synergy within a well-established and coordinated team. Fausto, Elena and Federica Zeni are grown up in a world of wine and are the pulsating heart of the winery. They understood to catch their father’s philosophy and managed to successfully carry it over to recent days, winning not only a multitude of awards, but also the confidence of respected restaurants and clients all over the world.
The complementary specifications of each of them help to build a strong managing board for the winery within the family that leads a qualified team: Fausto as oenologist and agronomist is helped by his sisters Elena and Federica, who are specialized in export and sales, as well as enotourism and group hospitality. They are guided with wisdom and experience by mamma Mariarosa, a true pillar of the family.