Nino Zeni

Gaetano Zeni, referred to as Nino by everyone was the real innovator of the modern era of our winery: a number of small and big changes initiated by him lifted the winery to its level of today. In fact it was Nino who decided to move the production in the 1950s from the small winery in the historic centre of Bardolino to its present location with more space and improved practicality in the hills above the village with a spectacular view of Lake Garda. In the new winery he also decided to establish the wine museum to promote the culture and the story of wine growing and wine making.
His creativity and his continuous search of improvements concentrated on the quality of wine and led to the fundamental decision to vinify the different types of grapes separately to attach importance to the vineyard and to set the fundamentals of the winery that wine is made in the vineyards and not in the wine cellar. He also added some important wines which are still produced today in our winery: Cruino and Costalago are two examples of his creativity, which with their flavours and their balanced notes are appreciated all over the world.