Winery in Bardolino: Where our wines are aged

The barrique cellar is the place where our prestigious wines are further refined. Two natural elements like wood and wine get in contact and they can age together in a harmonious interplay, for months. During this time complex chemical, physical and biological reactions take place. The barrel ageing confers balanced flavours of the single components to the wine, rounding its juvenile edges. The essence of the wood, its storing and toasting are important factors for choosing the right barrels. That’s why we carefully select our barrels before storing them in open air. We use barriques, tonneaux, barrels of French, but also Slavonian and Austrian oak, which range from 225 litres to 156 hectolitres. The smaller the barrel, the higher is the ratio of wood in contact to wine and the more characteristics the barrel can confer to the wine.
The barrique cellar expands on an area of 1400 square metres and is entirely underground, allowing for natural cooling through the isolating effect of the surrounding soil and stones and reducing any changes of temperature. This not only saves valuable energy for the air conditioning but also creates an ideal environment for the ageing of wine at perfect conditions for the interaction of wine and wood. The choice of an underground structure meets the need of minimizing sudden changes of temperature and assuring the best possible conditions for the storage of wines to be aged both in wood containers and in bottles. Temperature and humidity are monitored and kept constant by means of a thermal conditioning plant. All these features contribute in making our state-of-the-art barrique cellar the ideal place to house barrels, tonneaux and barriques used for aging our structured red and white wines. A separate area of the structure is dedicated to the bottle storage of wines of the old vintages and of wines that require further bottle ageing.