A unique experience, which combines local art and wines paired with quality dairy products.

The pictorial session will take place in the Bottaia, an area where the wine is aged in cask and amphora. The Hall is also called “Temple of Bacchus”, because the story, which is illustrated on the walls, tells the allegory of this divinity linked to the cult of wine. The atmosphere you breathe here is magical, surrounded by frescoes of myths and legends, decorations, stuccoes and gold leaves, somehow becoming part of that process of maturation and enrichment that wine carries out in this place. Just as wine draws perfumes, sensations and emotions from the wood of the barrels, even those who enter the Temple of Bacchus are enriched.

With the painting session you will have the opportunity to stimulate your creativity to create a painting from scratch, first in pencil and then with acrylic colors, from a predefined subject each time different, with the theme “Places and landscapes of Garda”, followed step by step by a teacher artist, all accompanied by a food and wine tasting, partly blind.

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