Vineyard location: the province of Verona
Soil: hilly soil of morainic and volcanic origin on red and basaltic sediments
Vine yield per hectare: 80 ql./ha
Grape varieties: Garganega, Chardonnay
Grape harvest: hand selection of the grape bunches that have reached optimum ripeness. The grapes are collected in small crates and left to raisin for 3-4 months with part of the bunches affected by noble rot
Vinification techniques: soft crushing of the grapes to extract only the first-pressing must followed by a slow barrique fermentation
Ageing: in French oak barriques for 12-16 months followed by a short stay in stainless steel vats
Wine analysis: Alcohol content 13.5% vol.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: golden yellow
Bouquet: pervasive and etheric, with notes of orange blossom and vanilla
Palate: sweet, harmonic, warm and lingering
Serving suggestions: wine to be best enjoyed within 3-4 years from bottling, served at a temperature of 14-15 C°